What is “Walk Down Memory Lane 5K” all about?

This is a VIRTUAL 5K and is a part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s “The Longest Day.”  The Longest Day is a team activity that starts at sunrise and goes until sunset.  This 16 hour day represents what a typical caregiver experiences when taking care of a loved one who has Alzheimer’s Disease.  Why did we pick June 21st……because that is the longest day of the year.  You and your team can experience this VIRTUAL 5K wherever you would like.  Just get your team together, pick a time to meet and find your favorite 5K route.  Registration is ONLY $20 and includes a event t-shirt.  Costumes are highly encouraged, wear something from your favorite decade and display it proudly.  The fun begins at 10:00am!

Saturday, June 18th

Meet us under the Hawthorne Bridge in downtown Portland at 10:00am!
Registration Prices:
*Monday, June 22nd 2015 – Friday, June 17th 2016: $20 (includes event t-shirt)


Will it be timed?

No.  This is a fun run/walk and will not be timed.  After all….who wants to be timed when “All you want to do is dance”?!  This music filled 5K begins at 10:00am.

**For questions please email:  walkdownmemorylane5k@gmail.com or call:  503-593-6276

**Last day to register on-line will be Friday, June 17th.

**All proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association:  http://alz.org/